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  • WinLIRC plug-in for jetAudio  v.1.0A free jetAudio plug-in that adds WinLIRC support, allowing you to control jetAudio with a remote controller.
  • Docyrus for Windows  v.Alpha 1Docyrus is a web application allowing to create articles from imported chapters or articles.
  • Maxtor Shared Storage II to Central Axis  v.2.6.50This version of the Maxtor Manager software, and firmware converts your Maxtor Shared Storage II into a Maxtor Central Axis, allowing you to securely access and share the contents of your Maxtor Shared Storage II over the Internet.
  • Sync Breeze Windows  v.3.6.24SyncBreeze is a free, fast and easy-to-use file synchronization utility allowing one to synchronize files between directories, disks and networked computers ...
  • Smart File Organiser  v.2.0.00 BetaSmart File Organizer helps you to organize duplicate files my allowing you to move them to a common folder.
  • TUGGO  v.1.0.0TUGGO is a website management system allowing anyone to easily create their own website without any code knowledge.
  • Dup Scout Windows  v.2.3.26DupScout is a free, fast and easy-to-use duplicate files finder utility allowing one to detect and cleanup duplicate files on disks, networked computers and NAS storage devices.
  • LevelZap  v.1.0LevelZap is a Windows Explorer add-on that adds an item to the contextual menu on all folders allowing the user to "zap" the folder by moving all files/folders within it up one level, then deleting the folder itself.
  • PenFormat  v.1.0PenFormat is a small utility allowing to format a key USB or MP3/MP4 Reader in NTFS partition types.
  • ExpressionJ  v.0.8.1ExpressionJ is a Java library allowing to interpret simple numeric expressions ...
  • WinGrooves  v. is a free Windows GrooveShark Desktop application that lets you run GrooveShark outside of a web browser allowing you to control it with your media keys or customizable global hot keys.
  • JavaSock  v.1.0JavaSock provides a combination Java API and native code library allowing Java programs to manipulate raw network packets through a consistent and secure interface.
  • TVicRes  v.1.1TVicRes is a 32-bit Delphi class allowing you to get info about the hardware ...
  • OpenGLM  v.1.1.106OpenGLM is an eclipse-based rich-client application allowing the graphical design of IMS Learning Design compliant learning and teaching flows by encapsulating the complexity of the IMS LD specification in a coherent user interface.
  • D00dl3r  v.1.2D00dl3r is a simple drawing program that is easy to use, allowing you to quickly make sketches with ease.
  • PifDesigner  v.1.0.0PifDesigner is a graphical tool allowing to create PIF (Pots Initialization Files) as required by CompuCell3D.
  • WMA Workshop  v.2.3Advanced WMA Workshop - fast and easy-to-use WMA to MP3 converter Advanced WMA Workshop is WMA to MP3 converter, WMA Encoder, WMA Decoder with Windows Explorer-like interface, allowing you to convert: WMA to MP3, WMA to OGG Vorbis, WMA to WAV PCM ...
  • 2Wbmp  v.5.22WBMP is a reliable batch graphics converter allowing you to convert images to wbmp format from 50 image file types. The program has no windows interface and processes multiple files at a time. With 2WBMP you can edit images before converting.
  • Natural Ambience - Sound Therapy Software  v.1.5Natural Ambience turns your PC into a Sound Therapy machine that recreates eight different nature soundscapes with optional background music. It operates in the background allowing you to work while receiving the soothing benefits of nature's sounds.
  • IVOS - Intelligent Voice Operating System  v.2.0.2.AIVOS (Intelligent Voice Operating System) is an intelligent agent that offers both Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech capabilities, allowing you to run your computer via voice commands.
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